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Classical Hooping to Brahms Intermezzo

Several weeks ago, I was introduced by my teacher, Dr. Kayleen Asbo, to the beauty of the Brahms Intermezzo for Piano in A Major, Op. 118. Kayleen also recounted the tale of the great love and friendship between Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann. After telling the tale, Kayleen sat down at the piano and played the piece for us, filled with passion and understanding for the beauty of the music and the great friendship of Clara and Johannes. I am eternally grateful to Kayleen for all the wonderful things that she has shown me and the many deep wells of wisdom to which she has led me. This beautiful piece of music inspired me to express my gratitude through creating a dance with a hula hoop to it. It was very gratifying to create a hoop dance in response to slow classical music.

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