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This section of the presentation of the work, Hieratica, is intended to present the work in such a way as to  focus primarily on its visual and poetic aspects (rather than the symbolic and linguistic aspects, which can be examined more closely in the "Word Cubes" section of this website).  Each hymn and its accompanying decorative celebration are presented sequentially here.   Although there are important symbolic aspects to this work, it is also intended simply to be a sheerly visual and aesthetic celebration.


 You can learn more about my process for the creation of this work and the technical details underlying it in the "Description: Inanna Project" section of this website.


It is important to emphasize that I did not create the hymns myself.  These are the thoughts of ancient peoples; they are not my own.   The poems shown below are simply a transcription based upon my own extraction of the central images underlying each of the original poems.

Hieratica: Seven Hymns to the Goddess Inanna

For best results in viewing, click on the image (a finger pointer will appear), then choose the "Expand Image" option (perforated box shape).  This will allow you to maximize the image, remove other distractions on the screen, and see the work at a much more granular level, exposing the underlying patterns, and unique textures of the cloth and gems included.
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