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Veriditas Seminar: Sacred Geometry, Path to the Divine

In which I was the featured guest speaker with Lauren Artress. If you are interested in seeing a recording of the conversation, you can sign up on the Veriditas Teachable Platform.

Join Veriditas founder Lauren Artress in conversation with Nancy Castille, artist, scholar, and geometer as they discuss Sacred Geometry as a Path to Divine. Nancy discusses her personal journey and discovery of geometry as both a spiritual and artistic practice. She combines historical and philosophical studies of the work of Plato with a hands-on art practice to uncover beauty and abstract truths. In this webinar you will learn more about the concept of Sacred Geometry and how it can deepen your labyrinth practice. Whether you are new to the labyrinth or a facilitator looking for a theme for your next event, you will be inspired by the concepts in this webinar.

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